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If you already have a template for your website and it is not suitable for ipad or any mobile device, and you do not want to give up this template for PC users, this plugin is just for you.

These instructions assume you already have an active template selected and working on your site.

This package includes a plugin and a template. Download and install it, then go to the Plugin Manager and under the System Type, publish it. 

Go to the template manager, click the mobiletemplate. The following customisation options are available

1. The mobile site left-hand menu is configurable by entering the name of the menu module. If you don't have a menu yet, you will need to create one in Module Manager.
2. You can also set the top content by entering the module name. You can publish a slideshow or a image to this module, or any other content.
3. The menu background colour can be set
4. The default background colour can be set
5. The submenu can be set to be horizontal or vertical

You can also select which device type the template is active for: go to Plugin Manager, select the System - Mobile Template plugin and under the filters section select the devices which will NOT use the this plugin.

Thanks for  Gary Barnes  rewrite this instructions.



1.1:add a new field called filter,if you want ignore these device just add it ,three device type:iPad,iPhone,Android

1.2: 1.add a header and footer background color set

      2.add a submenu type


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